spirituality and medicine:
curriculum development project


'Spirituality, Health and Healing' course in Aberdeen


This course is novel in that medical students are taught alongside theology students. The theologians get a head start, spending four weeks discussing more theological aspects of healing, for instance the healings of Jesus and his apostles in the books of the New Testament. In the last eight weeks of the course, medical students join in, and the topics are those more immediately relevent to health care workers.

Topics in these final eight weeks include 'The significance of spirituality in a 'secular' world'; 'Understanding health, healing, disease and illness'; 'Scientific perspectives on religion and spirituality'; 'Religion, spirituality and mental health'; 'Chaplaincy and healthcare'; 'Religion, spirituality and terminal illness' and 'Spirituality and care of the elderly'.

"By establishing a critical dialogue between these disciplines the course aims to offer students a spiritual and theological approach to health and healing which can be worked out within the student’s various vocational areas" - from the course handbook.


The Spirituality and Medicine Curriculum Development Project is funded by the Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning at Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry.