spirituality and medicine:
curriculum development project




Below is a list of some of the literature reviewing attempts to integrate spirituality into medical curricula.


Neely D, Minford EJ. Current status of teaching on spirituality in UK medical Schools. Med Educ 2008: 42: 176–1820
Review of current situation in UK.

Calman K. Spirituality and medical education. Med Educ 2008: 42: 123-124
Review of Neely and Minford. Asks what role spirituality has in medical education

Puchalski CM. Spirituality and Medicine: Curricula in Medical Education. J Can Educ. 2006: 21(1): 14-18
Reviews growth in spirituality courses in US medical schools. Discusses design of curricula for schools including learning objectives.

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Brief review of published data on courses taught in US medical schools

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Survey of attitudes of US medical students towards spirituality.

Puchalski CM, Larson DB.  Developing curricula in spirituality and medicine. Acad Med 1998 73(9):970-4
Review of common elements in the curricula in spirituality of 50 US medical schools

King DE, Blue A, Mallin R, Thiedke C. Implementation and Assessment of a Spiritual History Taking Curriculum in the First Year of Medical School. Teach Learn Med 2004: 16(1): 64-68
Report of introduction of course in spiritual history taking for 1st years in US medical school

Musick DW, Cheever TR, Quinlivan S, Nora LM. Spirituality in Medicine: A Comparison of Medical Students' Attitudes and Clinical Performance. Acad Psychiatr 2003: 27:67-73
PBLs on spirituality improve students’ attitudes to subject but not objective clinical performance



The Spirituality and Medicine Curriculum Development Project is funded by the Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning at Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry.