spirituality and medicine:
curriculum development project


PRIME: a faith group that teaches spirituality to medical students


PRIME (Partnerships in International Medical Education), is an international network of Christians involved in healthcare education, committed to improving the quality and depth of the medical care of patients. In partnership with health care providers worldwide, PRIME gives teaching that encourages medical students and doctors to give excellent clinical care for the whole person.

PRIME has a tutor base of over 100 health care professionals who are experienced medical educators at university and postgraduate levels. They run direct training activities with doctors and students around the world - especially in Eastern Europe and parts of Asia. Thye also educate medical trainers by equipping them with appropriate skills and support networks to encourage in their students a whole-person approach to patients. PRIME courses are designed to be acceptable to and accessible by medical professionals, of all faiths or of none, skills and support networks.


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The Spirituality and Medicine Curriculum Development Project is funded by the Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning at Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry.