spirituality and medicine:
curriculum development project


Student selected components (SSCs)


General Medical Council guidelines now recommend that between a quarter and a half of the time available in medical school curricula be devoted to student selected components, allowing students the flexibility to study particular areas of interest in greater detail. In addition, in many medical schools options exist for students to take an intercalated BSc degree for a year in the middle of their course to gain an additional academic qualification after a year of study of a particular area in greater depth.

SSCs represent an easy way to introduce spiritual content into existing curricula. Most medical schools present students with a list of different course available to them during the period of time alotted to each SSC; adding a module looking at spiritual aspects of medicine is an achievable goal for most medical schools, particularly if a member of the academic staff can be found who is willing to organise and run such a course.

Details are given below of several SSCs already being run at different medical schools around the country to give a flavour of what can be achieved.



The Spirituality and Medicine Curriculum Development Project is funded by the Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning at Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry.