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Welcome to this interactive resource for best practice for care of patients with Tuberculosis (TB). This resource was developed from the training materials developed by the International Council of Nurses as part of the ICN TB/MDR-TB Project. It aims to offer practical tools to nurses and anyone else involved in caring for patients, families and communities affected by TB including drug-resistant TB. It recognizes the challenges faced in providing good quality care when resources are scarce and the workload is high. The underlying assumption is that by improving the quality of patient care we will be able to reduce the impact of TB and the emergence of drug-resistance.

The course follows the patient-centred approach set out in “Best Practice for the Care of Patients with Tuberculosis – a Guide for Low Income Countries” and is in line with the ITSC, the Patient’s Charter, the StopTB Strategy and Guidelines on the Programmatic Management of Drug Resistant TB

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It is with great appreciation that we acknowledge the support provided by an unrestricted educational grant from Eli Lilly. Eli Lilly also provided photos taken by Damien Schumann

Technical and educational support for the development of the course was provided by Shalni Gulati, Natasa Perovic, Lilly Ofori and Bridget Dwyer from the Education Development Unit, School of Community and Health Sciences at City University London, UK. Videos were made with the generous assistance of Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning Clinical and Communication Skills (CETL). The animation was developed by Mike and Liz McManus of Obelonarts.

In addition we would like to thank all those who consented to being photographed and filmed for the purposes of developing educational tools. Their experiences have brought this course to life.
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